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Nothing is more important than protecting your identity.  That's why we built Thrivacy. Our community exists to make all parts of your daily life easy, safe, and secure.  


Protecting personal privacy so people can Thrive in the world with the Freedom we all deserve.

We believe deeply in creating a community and providing resources to educate all those who want to learn more about protecting their identity.  

Youth Sport Solutions

The only thing that should be left out on the field is fun. 



Children are 51 times more likely to be the victims of identity theft than adults.

According to a report by Carnegie Mellon University's CyLab.  Who has control of your member's records?


Youth Sports League Registration

Stop and think about league registration. Is your club still using paper enrollments to track members? Perhaps you've invested in an off-the-shelf software and now let parents sign-up and even pay online for each season.  Where is everything stored and backed up? Those records are still the responsibility of your club or association. And, the larger your organization is, or the more clubs that share storage with the same system, the more vulnerable the data becomes to a hacker. What would the bad press and financial liability of such an event mean to your business? It's time to think about better ways to protect yourself and your customers. Thrivacy is your solution. 

Father on Son on Phone

Expand your network for play and membership

Thrivacy Sports Wallet is a virtual sports community.  The verified credentials issued by you for your team members will be easily recognizable by other leagues using the wallet, making registration and tournament play quick and seamless. Quickly verify age categories, medical releases, and other criteria so that you and your management team can be focused on the events and not administrative details. And, best of all, there are no paper records or spreadsheets to track or upload. 


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