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Nothing is more important than protecting your identity.  That's why we built Thrivacy. Our community exists to make all parts of your daily life easy, safe, and secure.  


Protecting personal privacy so people can Thrive in the world with the Freedom we all deserve.

We believe deeply in creating a community and providing resources to educate all those who want to learn more about protecting their identity.  

Why Thrivacy?

Think about it. What did you leave behind when you bought the last round of drinks.


How often ...

do we mindlessly share everything about our personal identity during a transaction because that is the way it's always been done?  With Thrivacy, the power to control what you share and with whom is owned by YOU.


What Thrivacy does

Your Thrivacy wallet allows you to request all your important, personal information that can be used to identify who you are to be created into what we call verified credentials. Then those same verified credentials or VCs can be downloaded and stored in your own personal wallet that is kept inside your cell phone.

Thrivacy Phone Credentials

what's SO DIfferent

Imagine you need to hire an accountant to do your taxes, and you'd prefer that person to be a CPA. You find a few people in your local area who seem pretty good, so you decide to head over to LinkedIn to read their background profiles and resumes. You trust that what they've published about their experience, education, and certifications are true. The question is, how do you really know?

A degree from college or professional designation like a CPA is called a credential, and it can be verified. These pieces of information all make up part of the puzzle that is your identity. Of course, it doesn't stop there. Things like:

  • Concert Tickets
  • Voter ID
  • Hunting Licenses
  • Background Checks for Employment
  • Youth Sports Enrollment
  • Passport for Travel
  • And much, much more!

All of these can be created into a digital, verified credential or VC.  Within moments, they can be downloaded and stored inside your Thrivacy wallet! You may already be using other wallet solutions or applications inside your smartphone today for certain transactions. What you don't realize is that in most cases, the solutions you are using are centralized 



What is the big deal about centralized and decentralized? When you download files and information, like your driver's license or COVID verification, to your phone a copy is stored on the server of the company that you requested it from. Essentially that is what being centralized is all about, and it leaves your information vulnerable to hackers.  Fortune Magazine reported that "according to The Identity Theft Research Center, the number of data breaches so far this year has already surpassed the total number in 2020 by 17%"  

Thrivacy wants to make sure you aren't another statistic. That is why we are decentralized. Once you verify your credentials and download them to your wallet, we complete a process called “Burn the PII”. This is where we delete and destroy your Personal Identity Information off our servers. We don't keep any copies of your information, so there's nothing to hack. How's that for peace of mind and security?

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pre-SALe Now Open

The Thrivacy app will be available for download in early spring 2022. You can reserve your spot now as one of our first members. It's time to take back control of your identity and digital future. 


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