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Data Privacy and Security Statistics

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At Thrivacy, we eat, sleep, and breathe data. 

Data privacy and security are huge drivers for our purpose: protecting personal privacy so people can thrive in the world with the freedom we all deserve. As for our personal modus operandi, we pride ourselves on our digital wallet for verifiable credentials and the fact that we do not store your personal data. 

In an always-evolving digital world, we are surrounded by data and statistics on privacy and security. We were thrilled when our friends at vpnMentor published 100+ Data Privacy and Data Security Statistics You Need to Watch

From the article originally published by vpnMentor:

Data privacy and security are in a peculiar state in recent years.

We’re currently experiencing an unprecedented level of threats targeting our data, whether that’s vulnerable big data stores or hacking attacks. Yet, in the same breath, cybersecurity practices, regulations, technologies, and general cyber awareness are at their best.

Data privacy, for that matter, is not a uniquely modern-day conundrum. The first “Right to Privacy” was conceived in 1890 by 2 American lawyers, Samuel D. Warren and Louis Brandeis. Perhaps it’s not extreme to suggest humans have been grappling with privacy issues for as long as civilization itself.

Now, in the 21st Century, technology puts the world in our hands and unlimited amounts of information at the end of our fingertips. But what price do we pay to enjoy the benefits of the information age? And are data privacy and security practices doing enough? To help unpack that question a little further, we’ve compiled 100+ data privacy and data security statistics.

Here are five of our favorite infographics from their article. You can read the original article in full and all of their data insights here. 






Thrivacy wants to make sure you aren't another statistic. That is why we are decentralized. Once you verify your credentials and download them to your wallet, we complete a process called “Burn the PII”. This is where we delete and destroy your Personal Identity Information off our servers. We don't keep any copies of your information, so there's nothing to hack. 

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