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Cybersecurity Strategy: 11 Tips for 2022

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What is the best cybersecurity strategy for businesses in 2022?

To help you update your cybersecurity strategy, we asked CTOs and cyber security experts this question for their best insights. From getting a vulnerability assessment to providing VPNs to remote-working employees, there are several measures that you may adopt in 2022 to help protect your business against cybersecurity breaches.

Here are 11 best cybersecurity strategies for 2022:

  • Get a Vulnerability Assessment
  • Limit Access To Data and New Software
  • Educate Employees
  • Use Windows Defender for Your PCs
  • Harness Cloud Security Solutions
  • Backup Your Data
  • Assign Individual User Accounts To Each Employee
  • Start With Scenario Planning

  • Use Private Blockchains for Sensitive Data
  • Recalibrate Processes To Update Security Measures

  • Provide VPN for Remote-Working Employees


Get a Vulnerability Assessment 

If you're looking to bolster cyber security for your business, the best place to start is with a vulnerability assessment. An IT company or cyber security specialist can scan your network, connected devices, websites, collaboration tools, and security layers to highlight any weaknesses that could compromise your systems. In addition to the automated scan, a vulnerability assessment will also look at items like antivirus standards, patching processes, and network/firewall configurations to identify risk areas. 

An analyst then compiles the assessment findings and indicates the level of risk to business each vulnerability poses as well as difficulty to remediate. This report can serve as a roadmap for your cyber security strategy to close gaps between the current set-up and industry best practices. For companies looking to make the most from their cyber security budget, a vulnerability assessment ensures there is a clear focus on where to get the most bang for your buck.

Colton De Vos, Resolute Technology Solutions


Limit Access To Data and New Software

Limit access to data and new software. The biggest risk to cybersecurity is data theft and malware that is usually compromised because too many people have access that doesn’t need to. No one employee should have access to all data systems and should only have specific access to those they require for their roles, and team members should not install new software without permission. Limiting unnecessary access is the key to cybersecurity.

Brett Estep, Insured Nomads


Educate Employees

One of the best strategies for effective cybersecurity is educating employees on how to keep the company safe. Most cybersecurity breaches happen due to human error. The tactic of social engineering relies on human error instead of technological error which makes it all the more dangerous. If employees are not trained to be aware of phishing attempts, it makes the company susceptible to a breach in security. The threat is relevant to everyone in the company from top-level executives to entry-level employees. While phishing has posed a threat to cybersecurity in recent years, the scams have gotten better at disguising themselves by using inside information that without a second thought, could trick anyone into downloading malicious software onto their company computer and exposing valuable information. By educating employees on the dangers of phishing, your company will be at less of a risk.

Jeffrey Pitrak, Transient Specialists


Use Windows Defender for Your PCs

Windows Defender may be all the virus protection your companies’ PCs need. Windows has made great strides in improving the inherent security of its devices through Windows Defender, which is a boon for many businesses looking for strong security at a discounted rate. Windows Defender comes completely free of charge on all PCs, which is a far cry from the days when businesses would need to spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, on expensive virus protection subscriptions. That said, additional two-factor identification services and regular employee training on cybersecurity still continue to be musts for all businesses.

John Jacob, Hoist


Harness Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud security services offer robust cybersecurity solutions for businesses of all sizes and signing up for these services proves to be among the best security strategies in 2022. Primary advantages in terms of security include effective protection against advanced threats, 24/7 security barriers that are constantly updated, and data security you can depend upon. Secondary advantages include easy availability so that businesses can opt for similar protocol across different sites, adherence to regulations and compliance, and a pay-as-you-go model that proves beneficial on the monetary front too. Dependable security solutions with business benefits make cloud security solutions an easy choice in 2022.

Konstantin Kuligin, K5 Mortgage


Backup Your Data

Backing up your files is an old-fashioned concept but it’s an integral step in supporting your cyber security efforts. Losing important files to malware, hacking, or just random misfortune can be a huge setback both for businesses and on a personal level. Thankfully nowadays backing up your files can be automated so you won’t have to think about this too often but that shouldn’t give rise to laziness. Don’t skimp on this step! If you’ve got multiple computers backing up to a network drive, each and every new machine added to the network needs to be set up properly, every time. A cloud-based or external backup device adds an extra layer of protection. A backup for your backup, so to speak. This is a small step that can mitigate accidents or the effects of a malicious intrusion into your system or network.

Caleb Ulffers, Haven Athletic


Assign Individual User Accounts To Each Employee

Each employee should have an individual user account. This will help identify any cyber risk from any employee’s accounts or any other person. It is easy to monitor activities carried out by every employee and to control who is allowed to access different systems.

Ivy Bosibori, USBadCreditLoans


Start With Scenario Planning

It's very likely you want a strategy but the steps are too complicated, so you may be tempted to avoid it like a tax return, until one terrible afternoon on April 14th. Regardless of how tech-savvy your team is, you can still chart out the scenarios that would create an existential crisis for your business.

For instance: What would happen if every one of your customer's emails were exposed in a ransomware attack? While most firms would not prefer this, some would fare much better than others in the cleanup effort. Understanding the specific cost imposed by foreseeable events allows you to determine your level of investment on the defense side. Even if your estimation is slightly off, it's still a very good thing to know before talking to an expert.

Trevor Ewen, Southport Technology Group


Use Private Blockchains for Sensitive Data

Use private blockchain networks to ensure secure authentication of users. While blockchains like Bitcoin are famously public, there are private options for companies that take advantage of all of the inherent security advantages of blockchain technology. Private blockchains make it easy to grant selective permissions to particular users to approve transactions on that chain, which makes for a great system of secure and controlled access to sensitive datasets. In 2022, you can expect businesses to take even greater advantage of this new and burgeoning tech.

Alex Wang, Ember Fund


Recalibrate Processes To Update Security Measures

The best way to initiate your cybersecurity strategy is by strengthening the weakest links first. And when it comes to ignoring routine security practices over time, employees are usually the weakest links. Whether it is failing to change passwords at regular intervals or protecting vital data from being shared with too many people, employees, and even managers, end up violating key security policies. And despite reminders, very few stakeholders do their bit to fill in these loopholes. 

In 2022, one of the best solutions to enforcing security updates such as password changes and reassigning sharing rights is to recalibrate entire processes and initiate security sequences that employees would have no option but to follow diligently. This way, no stakeholder will be able to dodge crucial security protocols. Moreover, until they comply, employees would not be able to re-enter the process either.

Kris Harris, Nootka Saunas


Provide VPN for Remote-Working Employees

The virtual private network is essential in the age of remote work. More and more employees decide to go on workations or change their work environment even for a while by going to work from a cafe. However, when they use public WiFi networks, they are exposed to cyber-attacks. So, due to the growing trend of working outside the home, providing a VPS system for employees is an essential cybersecurity strategy.

Marcin Mlodzki, PhotoAiD


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