While we've already built out several solutions to serve different business needs, our community platform is quite flexible. Contact us to discuss your specific use case!

Nothing is more important than protecting your identity.  That's why we built Thrivacy. Our community exists to make all parts of your daily life easy, safe, and secure.  


Protecting personal privacy so people can Thrive in the world with the Freedom we all deserve.

We believe deeply in creating a community and providing resources to educate all those who want to learn more about protecting their identity.  

Developer Resources


Back view of modern programmer sitting and writing code in dark room

Thrivacy is proud of its design and infrastructure. We welcome the opportunity to work any with network or system that wants to provide businesses and consumers with decentralized, verified credentials. We believe the use cases and applications are endless. 

Our API documentation and other information will be updated on this page after our launch in early Winter, 2022. 

Until that time, for information on how you can partner with Thrivacy for your project, please contact us, we'd love to talk!