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Nothing is more important than protecting your identity.  That's why we built Thrivacy. Our community exists to make all parts of your daily life easy, safe, and secure.  


Protecting personal privacy so people can Thrive in the world with the Freedom we all deserve.

We believe deeply in creating a community and providing resources to educate all those who want to learn more about protecting their identity.  

Your Digital Passport
for a Busy Life.

Go anywhere. Do everything. Be safe always. 



It's fast and simple to have a secure and safe digital wallet.


We created Thrivacy because we believe every person has the right to own and control their personal information. What you want to share, and when, should be both fast and easy. Most importantly, everyone must be able to trust the information is verified and true.

There have been 1,291 data breaches in 2021 as of November 2021 compared to 1,108 data breaches for the same period in 2020. And, the trend is pointing to another record-breaking year. 700 million records alone were compromised from LinkedIn, with another 256 million records from other sites.

With Thrivacy, you'll be able to:

  • Verify your identity
  • Verify your academic records
  • Verify your background (for employment)
  • Verify ID for entrance to events
  • And much much more...
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Million records exposed in data breaches 2019.


Billion in cost to consumers in identity theft in 2020.


Seconds, is how often there is another victim of identity theft.


How it Works

Download your Thrivacy wallet and you'll be able to purchase an annual membership and join our community. From there, it's as easy as 1 ... 2... 3 ....!

  1. Verify your identity with our proprietary process and create your account
  2. Choose which credentials you want to verify and start adding them to your wallet
  3. Share them wherever the Thrivacy wallet is accepted, or inside our trusted partner network
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Employer Solutions

Learn how to add Thrivacy to your employee benefits package

Bar Solutions

See how Thrivacy can help you improve accuracy when checking IDs


Discover our solutions for concert, event, and venue management with tickets and ID

Government Solutions

With Thrivacy, credentials of critical public documentation can be seamless

Youth Sports

From enrollments to verification of records, protect the identity of our most vulnerable

Take Control

Own your own digital identity with Thrivacy and decide what you share and when 


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